The Bureau of AIPPI has released the four Study Questions for the 2024 AIPPI World Congress in Hangzhou.  Members of the Australian Group are warmly invited to participate in the development of the Group's reports on these Study Questions.

This year's Study Questions are as follows:

As in past years, the Australian Group will submit a report in response to each Study Question.  Each report is to cover the state of the law in Australia on the relevant topic, the Australian Group's proposals for development of that law, and the Australian Group's proposals for harmonisation of the law among jurisdictions.

Working groups will be formed to develop draft reports, which will then discussed in an Australian Group forum to be scheduled in late April.  Finalised reports are to be completed and submitted by 14 May.

Contributing to a report as a member of a working group helps further AIPPI's efforts to improve and harmonise IP laws, and offers the opportunity to work alongside your peers to gain a deeper understanding of each topic.

If you would like to participate, please email the Honorary Secretary, Tommy Chen, at

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